Quality first and foremost

The best of sun protection

All the models of the range of sun protection blinds are of our production, rigorously built in compliance with CE regulations. They can all be equipped with automatisms that detect wind, rain and twilight light, so as to open autonomously to the first rays of the sun, to close in a few moments at the right time. Available in acrylic, resin-coated, filtering, darkening and fireproof fabrics to meet the different needs of the market.

Extendable arm awnings

The sun, the way you want it, whenever you want

All models of extendable arm awnings are entirely of our production, made in strict compliance with the CE regulations currently in force. All arm awnings can be equipped with automatisms and safety sensors.

Dome awnings

Versatile and customizable
Our dome awnings adapt to any space and context. They are made with painted aluminium profiles and can be customized thanks to the wide range of fabrics available. The removable versions can be integrated with safety automatisms.

Zip awnings

Relaxed, protected and sheltered

Privacy made to measure
Wind resistant, all models in the line are designed to insulate any environment from autumn and spring weather, with windproof ZIP-type side guides. Zip curtains are equipped with motorized mechanics and are available with filtering, blackout, shading fabrics, also in fireproof or transparent versions in Cristal.

Drop awnings

Functionality, with style

Perfect for personalizing any environment, thanks to the different types of filtering, darkening, shading fabric, also in the fireproof version, or transparent in Cristal and the numerous colour variants available.
The drop awnings are equipped with motorized mechanics.

Shed awnings

The protection that best suits your needs

Shed awnings are ideal outdoor solutions in case additional coverage is required. Compared to a normal arm or canopy awning, the particular bending system of the shed awnings makes it possible to reduce not only exposure to the external eye but also a greater shelter from the rays, both upper and front.


AMA Green

Our products are made of aluminium, an ecological and recyclable material. We are working to limit the use of plastic as much as possible.
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Customer care

We are available to companies at any stage, from design to production, up to after-sales assistance.



We use technology and innovation to design solutions that are not only beautiful but above all simple and practical.


The AMA style is made up of details, elegance and quality of materials, to make every environment welcoming and functional.

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