Our products

AMA Industries specializes in the design and production of awnings, aluminium pergolas and bioclimatic pergolas.
All the structures are made entirely of aluminium painted with epoxy powders for exteriors, a feature that guarantees resistance to corrosion by atmospheric agents. And not only. This painting technique is more ecological and allows to obtain different finishes: from RAL colours to metallic, embossed, marbled and textured effects.

Sun awnings

Dome, zip, drop and arm awnings.

All the models of the range of sun protection blinds are of our production, rigorously built in compliance with CE regulations. They can all be equipped with automatisms that detect wind, rain and twilight light, so as to open autonomously to the first rays of the sun, to close in a few moments at the right time. Available in acrylic, resin-coated, filtering, darkening and fireproof fabrics to meet the different needs of the market.


Style and protection
Our structures are made with aluminium profiles painted with epoxy powders for exteriors, to obtain considerable resistance to corrosion due to exposure to atmospheric agents and the best durability over time. Each structure is then completed by mobile folding curtains with triple-layer blackout and flame-retardant polyester fabric, for total protection from sunlight and bad weather. You can choose between inclined pergolas, leaning against the wall, self-supporting or alternating.

Bioclimatic pergolas

For spaces to be enjoyed all year round

Bioclimatic pergolas are aluminium structures that allow you to take advantage of outdoor spaces to create new environments, to be enjoyed all year round.
Unlike normal pergolas, in fact, they are equipped with a motorized system of adjustable slats positioned on the roof, which allows you to recreate the desired microclimate in the underlying environment. By changing their inclination, it is possible to regulate the entry of sunlight, therefore the shade and heat, generate a pleasant natural breeze favouring the recirculation of air and, obviously, make the environment waterproof, protected from wind and rain. Functionality is combined with attention to aesthetics. The result is an elegant, welcoming structure, to be enjoyed in any season.