Sun protection industries

AMA adorns your spaces

The combination of technology, design, attention to details and finishing, combined with AMA’s twenty years of experience, give life to a product of excellence, designed to give shape and comfort to your spaces.

Experience projected
onto innovation

We want to look at every space with careful eyes.
At AMA the value of Made in Italy craftsmanship meets and wisely combines with the most modern and innovative technologies.

Style is made of details

Live the space,
design your environment

Every project starts from an idea.
In AMA we are specialists in designing solid structures, destined to last over time. We want our products to become the best place for you to spend your free time.

as a lifestyle

AMA has always paid close attention to the environment and has made sustainability its distinctive element. Our products are made of aluminium: a highly performing material, yet ecological and recyclable. From the wide range of fabrics available, we have provided alternative solutions obtained from regenerated material. We are also working to limit the use of plastic as much as possible.

We give shape
to your ideas

In our world, industry meets people’s desires and gives them shape. At the centre of this world are our customers. This is why we support them, help them to do business and carry out new projects.

Progetti Custom realizzati
Living e HO.RE.CA.

Nel progetto della pergola bioclimatica Fifty abbiamo concentrato quanto di meglio può offrire la tecnologia. Volevamo un prodotto superiore e

 lo abbiamo realizzato. Per la nostra pergola abbiamo utilizzato alluminio verniciato a polveri epossidiche per esterni, un trattamento che garantisce

 una notevole resistenza alla corrosione degli agenti atmosferici e la migliore durata nel tempo. Ogni struttura è completata da tende mobili a

 impacchettamento con tessuto in poliestere oscurante e ignifugo triplo strato, per una protezione totale dai raggi solari e dalle intemperie.



and production

The products are designed, developed and manufactured entirely by AMA. This means more control, quality assurance and cost reduction.

The future rests
on solid foundations

Research, innovation and development help us find the best solutions, but it is experience that gives us the foundation on which to build.

Each space
has its own style

Each space has its own purpose. We use volumes, light and technology to make your space refined and functional.